Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today is a rest day, and a tourist day. You see a lot of cool things riding a bike around, but sometimes its nice to slow down and look closely. That and if you have a significant other who does not race bikes, it can be appreciated to be doing non-cycling activities. So Cannes it is!
Yesterday did not go quite as planned, but turned into a good training day anyways. We were supposed to be reconing a course with several cols out by Nice, but ended up losing our guide on the first col. Long story short, he decided stopping for foreigners at forks in the road was over rated, and we were under strict low intensity orders on the cols. Rode around for a bit looking for him (apparently he never even looked around for us) before deciding against getting really lost in the mountains and riding back into Nice. Rode back along the Promenade des Anglais (which was pretty wicked) and then back up the hills home to Plascassier. Did some good efforts on the way home uphill to test my legs after 4 hours in the legs to end with alomost 5 hours in the saddle. Just a little short on the real climbing side of things. Col de Nice was pretty wicked though with tons of switchbacks and brilliant views. Had a bit of a special dinner planned so wipped up a French dinner of Canard with Patates Dauphinois and Pate au Sauge. Oh lala as they say here. My legs felt pretty awful yesterday with the exception of the col and the efforts home, so I am taking it is a sign of leftover fatigue from travel and the weekend's racing. Sounds like a double race day on Sunday in Brignoles with a morning tt and afternoon road race, so gotta rest up to improve from last weekend.

Promenade des Anglais. Nice, France.

Switchbacks of Col de Nice. 8-9km col. Ed shown in Pic.

Tourist photo/ Stevens advert.

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Anonymous said...

pretty cool pics!

yah gotta take time off from training and enjoy it all every so often...

I was down in the Carribean.
Got a ride in every day. Then enjoyment of it all afterwards.

Want a wicked island - go to the Dominica in the carribean or Grenada!
Massive massive climbs