Tuesday, March 3, 2009


EPIC ski was about a week ago.Dorry for the delay, I have no working mobile (NEVER pay Telus to handle your shit) and my computer is on the fritz and won't let me upload anything. Otherwise, pretty good day. I felt good until the last 2km (which happens to be straight uphill) so had an apple and finished 'er up. 7 hours (including a nice breakfast stop at the cabin) of xc red trail skiing is never "easy". Poor Vipond snapped his ski in half in the middle of no where and had to walk out to the trail where we found him a ski patrol and therefor a ski-doo lift out of there. Either way, I was ready for a nap when I got home. Needless to say, training is going well. Keir brought some funny pics to my attention... tdu... scroll down to the Lance and some dufus trying to poke him with giant syringes. Not funny in the sense that the fat man is a tool and deserved to be Bart Wellons kicked in the face, yet funny in the sense that that is pretty much what Lance does. Bonus points for Lance for not really losing any composure. Leave the riders room you tool. Not what a racer wants to worry about, enough shit going on in a race to not have to worry about a fat man with comicaly large syringes. THe last weeks have been filled with some hard riding, lots of school work and generally not much else. The deep freeze is back, just making the itch for spring that much worse. Speaking of which, the turbo is calling my name. Cheers,

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