Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well. I'm nearly back. Nuked that sickness pretty good the last couple of days with ginger tea, echinacea, multi vitamins and plenty of rest. I'm not sure who is really winning, it pretty much had me pinned the last few days... but I'm slowly coming back out on top. Apparently I have now missed much of the good warm weather, but the urge to ride is strong. And hard to ignore. At least I took advantage of some down time and am feeling fretty damn rested at the moment. Now I just need to go outside again before I loose my marbles.

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Anonymous said...

warm weather, try 30oC!
Go south young man!
For sanity sakes!!!

Try honey to avoid getting sick. Has some great agents within it to combat crap.
(as long as the bees stop dying off though - they say pesticides are killing the bees dead)

cycling - we live with momma nature. Gotta love her for it.