Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chilly, but hey. It's Canada

Not warm today, but also not nearly cold enough to keep me off the bike. And off the turbo and/or rollers. Speaking of which, roller races last night.. and they were a blast! A good crowd of friendly folks to encourage us (and more particularly me) as I attempted to not embarrass myself in the kilo and the 5km. I only fell off in the 5km. No damage done, but judging from the noises of the crowd it was pretty sweet. I still managed to climb back up and finish er' up as the crash was in the last kilo. A great night, and thanks again go out to John and the Wheelers for putting on this event. Met up with the Cyclery boys this morning for a good 3 hour jaunt into the winds. Seriously, it was windy. In addition to being bottle freezing cold. But a good time was had by all and the hammer got put down a couple of times. No falling this time. Happy birthday will have to go out to my mom, and I will soon be cheffing up a birthday feast suitable for a woman who has had to bear with me and my shinanigans for the last 23 years. The lamb alone should make up for at least a couple of the worst years. I learned today 2 things as well: Ottawa has not seen a true snow fall for 43 days (exciting for the more 2 wheeled inclined of us), and second of all there are still people up skiing in the Gatineaus. What is up with that? I for one am much more content on the bike, and finishing up with a nice lunch and some coffee in the sun. Cheers

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Anonymous said...

agreed! What is up with those people still skiing!
Get on your bikes and ride!
And, they are still all bitching about the grooming!!! Arggg!

(got out to Wakefield via old 105 to 366 to 307 twice on the weekend)