Wednesday, March 25, 2009


An ode to the frame pump. In addition to being classy as*#%$, the frame pump also allows you to actually pump you flat tire on the side of the road in less than 36 1/2 hours.
Reason #3:

Large angry dog. Bottles are good, but sometimes you're running a littl elow on the water. Sometimes you spring, but are both tired from your workout and the dog is damn tenacious. Then you slowly and calmly pop the frame pump off....
Great day for a ride yesterday though.

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Anonymous said...

Get bit?

When biking out in Wakefield, I use to get chased by this big white dog on Montange.
Until one day, I got pissed. Grabbed a big stick and started chasing it.
I wacked it in the ass.
Every time I go by it now, it runs!

Canada is great for freedoms like that!
I biked from Lake Placid to Ottawa.
The only time I had problems with dogs is up around Cornwall and through Vars. I think the Americans have strict rules about dogs biting people.
Up here, we have strict rules about people biting dogs.
I think its a 60,000 dollar fine if you hit a dog.
Whereas, if a dog bites you - you are stuck with the bills - paying for rabis shots etc...

I got bit twice - once in the gatineaus. The owner didn't do a damn thing.
once off Conroy pit. I was going to kick the living shit out of the dog. The owner luckily came along. It was going to be one dead dog. The owner didn't say sorry or anything. He started blaming me for the event. I should have kicked the shit out of the owner.
Next dog that bites me, dies.