Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long time, no info

My computer cracked. And it cracked hard. So hard in fact, that I spent quite some time in the internet "dark" until I could get it to tech support (Pook) and have him reboot the sucker for me. The last few days have been spent reloading various programs, files and of course my music. You haven't missed much here; weather has been glorious so I made various decisions such as ditching the car and riding to Ottawa Friday morning then back to Perth Monday morning. The new bike is assembled, and pictures will follow once I reclaim my camera. School is busy, but it should be. They should be handing me a diploma shortly. Got a few projects on the go and and generally wishing for more riding time. The weekend isn't looking quite so glorious as the past 2 so I may need to book a little extra riding time into my day tomorrow. France is near after all, and the racing is even closer. Speaking of which, come out Saturday night to the roller races. If for no other reason than to watch me suffer in the 5km race.

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