Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok, think I'm back now. My computer is on the fritz still, but I seem to be able to use the blog again, just not with Firefox??? Either way, for the time being you haven't missed much in my life. And I'm sure the 3 of you have all let loose a large sigh of relief. Basically it's been a hard month of training after the week of suffering through the plague. Lots of hard work, and I'm feeling good. Motivation remains high, and is peaked with intervals of positive temperatures where I can ride outside. School has been pretty hectic the last 2 weeks with tests and papers all over the place, but I'm surviving. In fact, I've discovered that the faster I write my tests, the more time off I get to ride (class is done when I finish the test). This is nice. I even got my new frame for the year on the weekend. Should be able to pick up the gruppo this weekend and then post some pictures for you clowns. For a sneak preview, follow the link on the right to the Stevens website and look for the red/white/back Vuelta. It looks beyond wicked. Even better looking than my old Vuelta.

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