Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weekend suffering photos

Beach day yesterday with a market stop to fuel up. Incredible dinner out compliments of Chelsea's parents. Hugely appreciated. Shrimp, gambas, escargots, wine... Full French, and escargots in butter/garlic sauce are amazing. True story. Quick spin this morning, and racing again on the track tomorrow evening. I hear maybe some racing on Sunday again, but there is not much for us foreigners as it is some kind of regional championships. My legs feel better than expected and were fully ready for another race yesterday. Good sign.

Finishing up the final stage solo, pretty shattered.

Grabbing on to the tail of the leaders after being caught with >500m to go on the col. Ouch.

On the front line ready to break from the gun.

Pre-race team meeting. Plan: win.

My support crew. Oh, and Yannick.

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