Monday, June 15, 2009

Long time, no post

Sorry for the delay. Its been an odd and not stellar couple of days. Started off well enough with a trip down to Vintimiglia in Italia on Friday to hang around the giant market there (like 4km of cheep clothes, shoes, and everything else). Things went well until we tried to go home. Our train was only going as far as Cannes, where we would switch to get home, but apparently either the trains suddenly went on strike or something bad happened as all trains our direction stopped. No warning. We managed (by taking 2 trains) to get to Cannes, where several un helpful French train workers told us different stories and then to go find a bus. Oh, and I got a form to send in with my "comments" to try for a ticket refund. We managed to find a bus station and learn that apparently the next bus for Grasse would come in about 2 hours. We did manage to catch it, about 10:30 and eventually get home, about 11:30. Not ideal. The next day I woke up with the stomach flu. I mixed my day between throwing up and sleeping. Had a little rice for dinner, but that was all I managed to keep down. So the next day I did as any other idiot would do, and woke up at 4am to drive to a double race day. Really nice race, on a mountainnous parcours that should have suited me. Unfortunately, between the not eating, still puking, and 36 degree temperatures I was unable to do much. I suffered along occaisionally puking up chunks of what I tried to eat for about 100km mountainous kms to finish up in a chase group about 40th place. Ate a little rice, then prepared for the 5km tt. I figure I rode respectibly in that, but no where near my max on a normal day to again finish mid pack. At least I still beat most of the Libyian National team. And got a standing ovation during awards. These folks were super pumped to have a sick Canadian racing with them. I had a lot of hands to shake. Pretty cool race anyways. Roads the whole way the width of bike paths, and with a rough consistency that would make the region of Beauce green with envy. There were pot holes on the tt course sketchy descent that I think swallowed some fallow cars. I went home, had some "digestive tea" from Yannick and went to bed. Today, needless to say I am doing nothing. I feel better, but still exhausted. So an easy spin is in order, some sleeping, and maybe more relaxing. I am also super excited to be able to possibly eat something other than rice. On a positive note, I think I am now a few kilos lighter for the multiple cols I hear we'll be crossing on Saturday in Monaco-Turini. Bo-ya.


Anonymous said...

man, make the best of it there! Not too many people get that opportunity you have!!!

all the best there!

good on yah!

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