Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rain and relaxation

Yesterday became a pretty sweet beach day/recovery day. Sat on the beach, slowly diminishing those pesky upper body tan lines and enjoying ourselves. Today is back to business however, as soon as this rain stops. Pretty odd that rain will last the whole day here, so I have elected to sit here doing my lazy cyclist thing until that time comes. Some hard climbing efforts are much better done in the sun. The racing schedule is pretty light at present as 1 of this weekend's races appears to have been canceled. This means I am free for some hard training to prepare for the Tour de Cote d'Azure (4 days) next weekend. A big good luck goes out to all the boys starting Tour de Beauce today, kinda missing that as there is nothing I would like more than revenge for my Tour last season. I'll have to pull out another good race here, and maybe improve the results list again.

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