Friday, June 5, 2009

Round crits make me angry

Round and round, 900m for 50 laps. 50 guys, all wanting to win, none wanting to work for that win. This is how Tony (a tank from Cavigal I try to break away with a lot) describes the race to me. As long as you don't get worked up about it and just consider it training... Everytime I attack, it usually was some randoms I have never met from my own team that chased me back. That's what worked me up. That and the little midget Robbie McCewan wannabe. Dude was twitching all over the road. Completely unaware that anyone else was near him, and always insisted on starting his "sprint" from 30 guys back. I went looking for him after the race to break his nose (for the second fist fight of the race) after the race but he had smartly fled the scene. On the plus side Roman (and his brother Brice) Feillu showed up to dance. Cool to ride with 2 Agritubel pros. They mostly had fun and toyed with folks. It made the race faster (safer) but also made every Frenchman fight like crazed men for their wheels (less safe). At least I have once again raced with a Tour de France rider, he finished top 10 on a few stages last year I am told.

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