Friday, June 19, 2009

hello legs

My legs are coming along. Did the good old 3.5 hour coastal ride yesterday morning with Ed out towards St. Raphael and back before relaxing the afternoon heat and then riding down to the race. And my legs feel good. Ed told his new theory on being "on form" while riding as well. The more veins start to pop out of your legs, the more on form you are becoming. If so, this bodes well for me. I have finally decided that this race is near impossible to develop a break away in, so am having more fun with it now trying to do so anyways. I tried every possible method of getting points without doing a field sprint. The field was big tonight as well which kept the speed high and the sprints sketchy. I broke away first on the first lap with 2 others, dropped 1 after a lap and the other couldn't pull much but we motored until the first sprint (5 laps) and got caught up 200m from the line. I tried bridging to small breaks with 1 or 2 laps to go, I tried solo. On the plus side, I got a damn good workout in and had fun. Then just tried to control the front for the last few laps to set up Fabio in the final sprint. And made one last bid for glory. Today is rest as the race Saturday becomes more and more epic. 4 cols to cross for a total of 50km of straight climbing. I am super stoked for this. Then Monday we should be heading to Aix-en-Provence for a crit with some decent $$ prizes. Which is also exciting as French races rarely seem to pay out. And due to some massive team infighting among the bosses, the team is currently not paying our registration fees. I assume they have gone on strike, in true French fashion. At least registration fees are not at Ontario levels here, or Quebec even. I told the guys once what I paid in Ontario for a race and was treated to a whole new level of French swearing and generalized disbelief. The same reaction when I told someone that in Canada people work past 8pm - which seems to be a human rights violation here. Merde!

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