Monday, June 8, 2009

Coming around

So all in all, a very poorly organized ttt yesterday. But it was kind of expected. My partner for the event (Jannes) snapped his fork in half the day before so I was unsure of who I would ride with. 14.5km of uphill meant the possibility of a extremely painful ride or a annoyingly slow one with the wrong partner. In the end, I went solo. Which was nice. Took a wrong turn down the hill once before a car up the road yelled at me and I turned around loosing about a minute (where the s*&# where the marshals??) before getting back into my rythym catching my 2 minute team and finishing up in 20th. Not terrible out of about 40+ teams. But a little bit of a bumer knowing I could have been higher without the add-on to the course. My teamate Fabio also went solo (dude is a tank) and came second, 9 seconds down. His partner ditched him on the line saying he no longer felt like racing, I was already out on the course. Made the decision to improve the training factor by riding the 2 hours home after. Super nice day out after all. My legs are starting to come around after the past weekend's efforts and are feeling ready for another hard period to get ready for the coming stage racing. That and operation upper body tan line erradication is underway.

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