Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Not much happening, I sat on a train for a while coming home. After climbing some of the more famous peaks in the Pyrenees: Ventoux, Plateau de Beille, Col de Pailleres... and am now back home. My races last weekend were canceled, which was unfortunate, but gave me a better chance to rest up and prepare for this weekend. 4-5 days of straight racing. Crit Thursday to find some racing legs, Tour des Alps Friday and Saturday, and some 4 hour relay race Sunday. Monday is potentially another road race. Should be good. Tour des Alps is even a Cat 1-2 FFC race, which means double the hurt, and then add in some Alps and we can quadruple the hurt. For now, I have some laundry to do, a bike to clean, and some groceries to aquire. And maybe a little spin. I won;t rub in any further how good the weather is, but... I'll be happy to be up in the mountains and not sweating like a rappist here on the coast soon. Cheers

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