Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Its not all business

After 4 days of racing, ones body needs a break. In my case, my body was in full race mode and my legs felt like gold. So I rode as easily as possible for an hour, then introduced them to the beach. And a fine dinner. I'm easy like that. Today was a little 2 hour spin up into the mountains with some efforts thrown in based on the fact that there are 3 of us, and we are all innately competitive. Rides like that are fun to mix it up from any form of truly organized training. I then made more coffee, overhauled my bike (it was in DIRE need of new cables, chain, tape, etc...), watched the Tour, chefed up some wicked curry and settled in for a flick. My legs are good, the current racing schedule doesn't seem to take advantage of that so I'm searching for my own stuff. Yannick is open for suggestion. As a side note, in 5 days, I had three flats. So I multi-tasked by gluing a new tub this evening. wtf?

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