Monday, July 27, 2009

Bloody internet

Internet has been screwy lately, and this is the first time it has decided to allow me the honour of accessing my blog. Racing went decently this weekend. I was a little worried, after the spanking we took last weekend in that 1-2-3 FFC race, but ready and motivated. In the end, I was super pumped... and hot. 37 degrees out in the shade when we toed the line at 2pm, for a Belgian Kermesse style race in the south of France. Wicked fun. 108km of windy, narrow farm roads with a corner intensive (and rough) finishing section in town. I put myself in a few early moves to try the legs and stay ahead of the selections. Which paid off as only about 30 or so finished. Good, hard fast racing. Hot though, which took a toll - in the form of 8ish bottles. A lot of feeds to wet the cotton mouth. The break seperated up the road with 2 of our guys and I tried to get accross as much as possible but we just ended up dropping more riders as I tried to follow desperate moves accross the gap. Made my final move in the last 2km through the technical bit through town only to nearly hit a semi truck which had decided to park in the middle of our corner. By the time I got my speed back up, 2 guys made it around me in the sprint and I finished 16th. Of course, the prize list went 15 deep. But I'm used to that. Resting up for the week here, as next week will provide with 3 staright days of hard FFC racing plus a local crit, making for 4 days of racing in 5 days. Hard courses.

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