Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Busy few days. After a train strike derailed my travel plans, I finally made it to Limoux. 6 hours of trains. Staying here at a decent house with ol' Vince, Paul Smeulders of ErgVideo, and a couple of Brits. Good times. We ride, Paul films (with Van-cam and helmet cams) and generally enjoy ourselves. An awesome way to see some new roads, and get some quality training in. Today was a solid "rolling" 4 hours with a quick stop for another view of the Tour before a stop at the Medival city of Carcasonne for dinner and a pint. Or "half liter" as the Brits called it. Softies. Tomorrow a few ascencions of the infamous Ventoux. 2 sides is the plan. Friday is up in the air as I'm waiting on racing news for the weekend. C'est la vie. Good times however.

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