Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Race update... slightly late.

Sorry, internet issues coupled with exams. Race went well, great weather and a decent field. Rode much better than the previous weekend, positioned well, followed a bunch of moves, rode some breaks andset pace. Ended up missing the final move, but happy anyways. Blocked in when the move went and not enouh exra horse power to chase it back. I worked my ass off for 2 laps to bring the gap down and try to bridge but no one was working. Finished up in the pack sprint by working on my position and then being let down by some god ol' fashioned leg cramps. Had a decent week of riding so far, though the weather has not been awesome. The weekend forecast makes up for that. Plus being done my college career as of tomorrow should make for a good time. Race this weekend, either Almonte-Roubaix or Ste-Martine, then 1 week left. How time flies. So much to do, and still 2 bikes to sell. Shiet. Anyone need a road bike? Contact me. Seriously.

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