Monday, April 27, 2009

Last Canuck race

Didn't go exactly as hoped, but wasn't worst case either. Raced aggressively and paid the price. Nervous pack, gave me a little extra motivation to try and work on my pack positioning and followed a bunch of moves in the wind. Big crash 3.4km into the race nearly took me out but I managed to part the sea of fallen riders by just holding my line right down the middle of the road. Phew. Planet Energy (poor buggers) had to put on one hell of a chase after Gilbert flatted from the break, keeping the pack 'au bordure' for the entire last half of the race. Which also happened to be starting right after I got caught. Held on for a bit longer but was not in good position, so just suffered for a few more laps. Keir gave me some company for the drive which was excellent, and we chatted cycling and pumped some tunes. In fact, it is so nice out today that I will be heading out for a few hours with the boy again soon. I've got a week to get into some kind of fighting shape, so I better take advantage of this no school thing. Cheers,

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