Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First race in the books.

Well, didn't go as well as hoped. Followed some moves early expecting a field like that to want to cause a split early on but it never really came. At least I didn't end up in the break 'cause my legs were not wanting to turn over. Maybe something to do with standing and working outside all the day the day before to raise a barn for school. Either way, excuses suck. I was too far back when the going got tough and didn't have the legs to close the gaps that I needed too. Not happy with it, but its the first race of the season. Calabogie this weekend, not Battenkill as I'm unsure of my legs and don't want to drive all that way slash spend the $$$ for another day like that. Bogie is close and should let me work hard to make up for it. Spent the rest of the weekend up at Tremblant eating, riding and skiing. Found a wicked 10km climb in my 3.5 hours Saturday up, up into the snow and then tele skied Sunday morning and did some good efforts in the wind on Sunday. Today promises to be a wicked riding day again so I'll be out there. Last week of class. Booya.

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