Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ottawa, the best place to be a cyclist

So, as a further update on crusher Sandy and his need for a new bike, I looks like I will now be piloting a new Stevens Vuelta. I have been fully overwhelmed with offers and help, both from my employer The Cyclery and many other reps and individuals. There is seriously no better group of experienced riders and wonderfully helpful cyclists anywhere than here in Ottawa. This season continues to surprise me and no matter what obstacle I seem to encounter, there are people there waiting to give you a hand getting rolling again. As for me, I will finish off my stint on a beautiful titanium Bianchi tomorrow racing in the local "hard man" race the Almonte-Roubaix under beatiful weather. Thanks to my co-worker Steve for this steed and the 25mm Conti tubulars I will also be racing on while battling the worst gravel roads in the Ottawa area. Hopefully a good result, a good day, and some fun in the sun will ensue. Results and pictures to come soon after hopefully. Ciao

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