Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Intersting/painful day on the bike

So after a day recovery from the Mosport beating, we began the weekly criterium series here in Ottawa (www.seenite.org). With a cool day threating rain all day, we headed out from the shop to the race. Arriving late after an unfortunate flatting of his tubular for Hawksy, we arrived late and jumped in on the second lap. The pace immediately picked up and several of us established a very solid break quickly opening up a gap with most of the 6-7 riders working hard. With about 15 minutes to go, feeling good, I stood up to accelerate out of a corner only to tear my shoe of the cleat, leaving the cleat neatly still attached to my bike. To add to the fun, this sudden movement caused my crotchal region to contact the top tube of my poor bicycle with some force. Actually, more than some, enough to crack my carbon top tube nearly all the way around. I shit you not. By this point I was rolling through the grass, swearing. As I attempted to accelerate back up to the break, I hear the telltale noise of cracking carbon. Needless to say, I made my way back to the start finish and attempt to figure out how best to make my way home. As I said, an interesting day on the bike. More news as available on me getting a new bike. Time to re-pimp mon char.
Sandy "granite balls" Fulton

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You write very well.