Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Almonte-Roubaix and beyond

So Almonte-Roubaix has come and gone. And as expected was dominated by the ever strong Cyclery boys, taking 3 of the top 4 positions. On the other hand, my teammate Steve managed to pull off a strong 5th place. As for myself, I made a grave tactical mistake entering the first tight forest sections mid pack instead of at the front where you must be. I was then promptly run off the path by a misguided rider, sending me careening off into the woods. After re-attaching myself to my steed, I launched myself into what would end up being a 65km long solo chase. Fun times on the gravel. To be fair I did spend about 15 minutes trading pulls with a angry and flying Mr. Aaron Fillion until being spat off his wheel on a soft sand climb. Finishing up some where around 40th place or so, and being only about 1-2 minutes down on the remains of the main pack and 10 minutes down on the solo winner (Osman Bakker) left me feeling a little better about my day, if only they could make it a little longer! Now with my brand new Stevens Vuelta, it is time to back down to business! First up, tonight's Seenite crit. Hopefully I can work this new position out by the weekend for the first double-header of the season. Calabogie Classic on Saturday and the GP Ste-Martine on Sunday. Stay tuned for results and pictures as available from the weekend. Ciao,

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